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Saint-Martin-au-Val In Situ App is the first reconstruction of the amazing Gallo-Roman sanctuary discovered in Chartres. Available on last generation IPad and iPhone, the app is for all the family. This unique archaelogical restitution invite you to discover the sanctuary in 3D as if you were an inhabitant of Autricum, the antique city of Chartres.

Immersive 360┬░, real time 3D and Augmented Reality
The app includes the last nomad device technologies to propose 3 immersive and fun experiences :

– Discover : Let you carry away on the excavation site, as if you were there, and unveil the reconstructed sanctuary.

– Explore : Follow the guide and go for a walk inside the sanctuary to find out the hows of the reconstruction.

– Contemplate : The sanctuary in Augmented Reality rising from the today site map, just like a virtual model

Caution : you will need to download and print a map to experience Augmented Reality.
It is available here : www.utcha.com/stmartin/

Find also all the excavations story and the current knowledge established by the archaeologists of the city of Chartres.

The Saint-Martin-au-Val In Situ App is a unique experience and you are the main character.

More about the archaeologists :

App available in English adnd Franch Apple store and Google Play